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Stew and Southern presidential debates

I have just completed the assembly of the Brunswick Stew. Every time I make it, I curse the Chicken Gods for making the feathered beast so time-consuming to shred, but doing it in the Cuisinart just doesn't work. It produces a nasty grainy texture that's entirely wrong. So I patiently shredded by hand. It's all simmering away nicely, now. Tired as heck, though.

Listened to the Democratic presidential debates in South Carolina tonight on NPR. Edwards' story of a mill town was surely dead on. A friend of mine grew up on Mill Hill. I'll give him this: he at least understands the real lives of folks in that area. He gets where the economy is for them right now. I still can't say I know much about him, but he came across as fairly articulate in the debate.

Dean scored with comments on the Patriot act and that we lose something vital when we buy security at too high a price, and also a bit when the discussion turned to NAFTA and jobs, hitting a few populist notes about the needs of the workers. Sharpton had some of the best sound bites of the night, but that's not surprising. He and Jesse Jackson are both good at that.

Kerry sounded like a very bland Yankee liberal. Yawn. I sure do hope he doesn't get the nomination. Why the American people seem to want to vote for politicians with the personality of a jar of library paste is beyond me, but then, maybe my Southern eccentricity is showing. Yes, I know he's a Navy veteran who saved a man's life; yes, I know he has a colorful Brazilian wife, and he plays hockey and guitar and so on. He still broadcasts like milquetoast.


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