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Thoughts on Enterprise

Poll #5690 Enterprise Pilot

I thought the Enterprise pilot was:

Great! Better than gold-pressed latinum!
Good, but I look forward to seeing how they develop it.
Okay. I've seen better.
Mediocre at best - if the theme and gratuitous gel scenes are going to be regular, I'm clicking the channel.
Bad! Damn bad! Gawdawful! What were they thinking! They screwed up the timeline, too!

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So, Enterprise. Seen it, yet? Your thoughts?

Thanks to my friend mumpish for this link:


The Net's First Enterprise Slash Fic from the Brunching Shuttlecocks

(parody, though the Brunching name should convey that) ;)

What were they thinking with that music?

Kill the theme song. Now. No, make that yesterday. Dear holy apples and pears, who the hell authorized THAT? I don't know who authorized it, or if Berman always dreamed of doing a *bad* 80s power ballad (think it's Rod Stewart's song), or what, but for the love of Bajor, please, let the pilot's theme become a footnote, an obscure memory, a blip, a trivia question for current and future Trek fans. :) Heck, Farscape changed its theme song this season, so it's not unheard of . . . Babylon 5 had a different opening for each season . . . but I'm not talking a seasonal change, I'm talking NOW, pronto, ASAP, do not pass Go, do not collect Federation credits, gold-pressed latinum, or anything else . . . change it this minute. Please.

I'm sorry, but there's just no way that Earth achieved any sort of respect from *any* other species with a theme like that. They would have annihilated us from orbit. :)

I know, I know . . . don't hold back, tell you how I really felt about it. ;) Actually, I have more to say, but I'ld like to hear your thoughts and comments.

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