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The Jungle, yet again

Although this article, The Cow Says "Oink", draws from the old well of food-supply dangers tapped by author Upton Sinclair and many others, it's still appalling that in these days of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, in this time when we know so much about food-related allergies, that any restaurant would run the gauntlet of liability by serving something that did not accurately reflect the description detailed on the menu.

Heck, maybe I should start a blog called "Warning: Contains Peanuts" to focus on information and materials like this. I don't deceive myself that restaurants in Atlanta wouldn't take shortcuts like the ones mentioned in the news story; I'm sure it happens everywhere. It certainly makes me glad that David and I are focusing much more on cooking and preparing our own food.

We're marinating some pork chops in rosemary, lemon, and other seasonings for Sunday dinner even as I type this, and the packaging stated it came from Maverick Ranch, with a label that states: "no antibiotics in the feed, no pesticides, no growth hormones," and so on. It's a sign of the times that people, myself included, are paying attention to nutritional details more than ever, and not just the fat and carbohydrate content. I make a conscious decision to buy organically-grown vegetables from The Fresh Market, for example, and again, I wonder how restaurants can ethically shirk their responsibilty as food distributors. Even if they aren't feeling particularly responsible for the well-being of their patrons, it's just simple pragmatism for a restaurant owner to want to protect his or her business from lawsuits and bad press.

*quickly squelches ENTJ desire to start yet another project for herself*

Tags: epidemiology, food, health

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