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The Foreman is an unqualified success, and employment stuff

We put most of our kitchen appliances away after use. Not so the Foreman indoor grill, which has not left the counter since unwrapping it. We seem to be tossing everything on it these days. "Hey, new set of cotton sheets? Sure, hon, pop 'em on the Foreman. It's fiber in our diet, right?"

We got some Johnsonville Brats at the grocery store (these were the pre-cooked variety), and put 'em on the grill -- husband even took his turn cleaning it, not that that's any big deal, given how easy it is. The brats were quite tasty, but I'd like to try some of their other varieties as well. We also have some ground turkey, which I'll knead with garlic, sage, a scoche of olive oil, and the like to make turkey burgers, and then I'll start the rosemary-lemon marinade I'm planning for the pork chops.

David joked last night that he doesn't want to sound like a redneck, but he's never taken this kind of interest in a kitchen gadget before, and said that "this cooking at home thing isn't so bad." It's certainly healthier for us than eating out at fill-in-the-blank fast food franchise, as I can usually suggest a vegetable accompaniment that's far healthier than French fries, and turkey burgers are definitely easier on the sat fat quota than Mickey D's.

Additionally, I just enjoy seeing him take an interest in it, and hope we'll cook together more once we get a house with a kitchen that isn't the size of a mouse hole. I dream of us taking a cooking class or two together, but that allocation of monetary resources will likely have to occur at another time.

I tucked the remainder of the corn chowderbisque-bisquedchowder into freezer bags last night so I can share with Meglet and her husband when next we see them.

In other news, a position has opened at my company that I'd likely be interested in applying for, and getting out of my current hellish job without having to change insurances, etc. would be a lovely beginning to 2004. Gotta work on polishing the resume this weekend to prepare for that. Even if I don't get it, getting Ye Olde Resume updated is important so I can apply for things elsewhere. After all, it'd be nice to see if all this mediaspew about Atlanta being a job growth area in the US is true, or just so much birdcage filler.

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