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Non-stories and more on KotoR

There's a lot of puffing and fluffing of text going on with the press members who are trying to make a story out of Dean yelling after Iowa. Really, you'd think they could come up with something better, and I'm saying this as someone who has been involved with journalism for almost 20 years.

For what it's worth, I consider it a non-story. He seems far less angry, from what I've seen so far, than Clinton. Now there was a guy with a bad temper. That face got red with barely-contained anger so often that I wish I had a dime for every time I saw it on the news alone (particularly during the Lewinsky scandal), much less the off-camera explosions from one of the world's most infamous skirt-chasers that even loyal aides have mentioned.

One can hope that if Dean lets a little yell out every now and then, it will keep him from embarrassing problems involving Gap dresses and dry-cleaning. And, as Terrance mentions, he seems quite willing and receptive to adapting to counsel to tone things down.

Some of y'all have been inquiring about Knights of the Old Republic. I have a tendency to remake characters a good bit when starting an RPG, until I have the feel down, and my pattern holds true with KotoR. I probably redid Candlekeep with my character in the first Baldur's Gate seven times. I've now remade my Scout three times, and I think I'm about to start with her for real, but I won't know for a little bit. *smiles*

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