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The LJ categorization project continues

Results for 2001 are listed here. Below are the results for 2002, which was one of the worst years I've had in recent memory. Husband unemployed; I got stuck in a job I hated, the economy in terrible shape . . . I was really glad to see it gone, and yet, at the time, I didn't realize it was just the beginning. Things got worse in 2003, until almost the very end. The only really memorable good thing that happened in 2002 was that my sister got engaged, but even that had some stress attached to it, as we scrambled to prepare for the wedding.

In contrast to 2001, the category of Family/Personal had the most posts (25) in it. It's not surprising, given the aftermath of 9/11, which was a hefty reminder to give our loved ones the priority they deserve. Coming in second was escapism, aka Games/Entertainment, with 23 entries. In reviewing the posts from 2002, I note that one entry mentions practicing active avoidance of the news, because I just didn't want to see yet another day of trauma. I think I'm back to normal on that now. Given all the news feeds to which I subscribe, I think I've reclaimed my infojunkie status.

Accomplishments/Goals Attained: 3 entries
Animals: 1 entry
Autonomy/Introspection/Philosophy: 1 entry
Celebrities/Fashion: 1 entry
Domestic/Utility: 3 entries
Employment/Jobs: 5 entries
Essays/Analysis: 1 entry
Family/Personal: 25 entries
Fandoms: 10 entries
Food: 19 entries
Friends/Social: 11 entries
Games/Entertainment: 23 entries
Gripes: 0 entries
Health: 3 entries
Holidays: 5 entries
Humor: 1 entry
Identity/Self-exploration/Psychology: 0 entries
Life Changes: 6 entries
Links of Interest: 1 entry
Literary/Reading/Book Reviews/Poems: 2 entries
Movie commentary: 12 entries
Music /Songs/CDs/Concerts: 4 entries
News/Current Events/Historic Moments: 10 entries
Nostalgia/College/High School: 1 entry
Online journals: 8 entries
Passings/Deaths: 1 entry
Pictures: 2 entries
Politics: 0 entries
Polls: 2 entries
Published Articles: 1 entry
Publishing and writing: 3 entries
Quizzes/Webtoys: 3 entries
Rants: 5 entries
Sports: 2 entries
Symbolism/Metaphor: 1 entry
Technology/Tools: 7 entries
Television: 7 entries
Travel/Events recaps/comments: 6 entries
Weather: 1 entry
Year in Review: 2 entries

2002 entries: 107
Total entries: 194

Now I need to work on categorizing 2003, and then I'll be caught up.

Tags: livejournal, organization/productivity
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