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KotoR, Alias, and that football crap

So, I'm starting Knights of the Old Republic. It has strong visual appeal, though I'll admit it's likely particularly refreshing for me because I've been looking at fantasy for so long. I like the fact that it seems like everything is voiced, right down to the pedestrians.

Not sure I'm liking Carth much so far; we'll see how it goes, but Mr. Angsty is starting to remind me of Anomen, and I hated Anomen in BGII. I'm sorry, I know his story took a lot of time to script, but the character was just cardboard. Let's hope for better for Carth. Still, he's just an NPC I can ditch if he doesn't start improving soon.

In television land, watched Alias tonight (taped it). Last week was loaded with revelations, and this week was pretty much utter filler. At least we got a good Bristow/Sloane scene out of it, and Jack on screen for more than two seconds. When are we going to get a talk between Syd and Spydaddy over what she learned on that airplane?

Also, there are some interesting time frame issues there as well: for Vaughn, for Jack, for all sorts of things. Tons of stuff for the writers to play with, so why this filler ep, I've no idea. I can only assume it's because the show is off for a week due to what is . . . oh, I could tart that sentence up, but let me just be honest. The Superbowl bores me silly. I'd sooner watch my cat's hair grow, okay? I am exceedingly grateful that my beloved, wonderful husband shares this perspective.

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