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Unexpected, but good

The aforementioned corn chowder turned out different than I anticipated, but silkily delicious.

In a bit of serendipity, I got a little carried away with one of my new Christmas gadgets, the oh-so-fabulous Braun Multiquick. The thing is amazingly powerful: I had a little too much fun and ended up pureeing more than the called-for half of the soup. I pretty much did the whole thing, just about. But it was okay, yes indeed! After a long slow simmer in the crockpot, it turned into one of those seductively complex cream soups that makes a sophisticated starter for a nice dinner. This is definitely something I'll fix next time I have special company. However, I think I'd caramelize the onions first, next time. Maybe a touch more chicken broth as well. It's really good as it is, though.

Oh, and I ended up adding a can of cream of mushroom soup to the mixture early on, and about a cup of bo-lei tea that I had on hand.

Today, we helped David's parents do some moving. I'd say maybe four more trips and they'll really be out of their old house and into the new.

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