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Never, ever, ever doubt a Greek woman

I should never, ever, ever doubt Phaedra. I mean, I felt it was reasonable, given the circumstances! She is giving birth to her first child, this generation's first grandchild, this week. I believe tomorrow is the planned date, assuming it doesn't change again. Tomorrow morning, checking into the hospital . . . and still this amazing human being takes the time to post my article. *shakes head* I can only say I'm thankful and lucky to know such a formidable person. Really, sweetie, I would have waited! I am very excited for her and her husband.

Without further ado, clicking the link below will take you to my first article for WG in a long time, The Sims: Unleashed. It's not the most remarkable thing I've ever written, but it's decent, and most importantly, it gets me back in the practice of writing for publication. *smiles*

The Sims: Unleashed

The following is pretty much my favorite screenshot:

I laughed out loud at my monitor when I saw that. I had no idea the birds would react --- it's pretty clear they're saying "Oh, shit! It's the cat!" Of course, this was after the cat had eaten the fish, and the game played a little death music, to let you know a pet had died.

As to why I would be surprised that the cat went after the birds, I guess I've grown a bit too accustomed to the throw pillow I live with who doesn't have enough hunting skills to successfully catch a bug. No, I'm afraid her hunting conquests are limited to wads of crumpled paper and foraging for the occasional makeup sponge. Yeah, she's a fierce one . . . those makeup sponges won't trouble anyone ever again, I can tell ya.

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