pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

I respect that decision

I am continuing to listen, continuing to research and learn about potential candidates for the next presidential election, but I have to say that this article, where Dean states that he refuses to drag his wife along as a prop to get elected, was kind of interesting.

I am not denigrating those who choose to assist their spouses in running for office. That, too, is a valid choice. However, it is also refreshing to see a candidate's spouse who says "I have my own work to do, and the campaign limelight doesn't suit me," and goes about business as usual.

In my opinion, both choices are valid, but we constantly get bombarded with campaign flyers that have picture-perfect family portraits trying to use the carefully-constructed image of normalcy as a selling point. And hey, if you have an extroverted family that is comfortable being in the public eye, then that's dandy. Nevertheless, it's healthy to recognize that trying to have some privacy and stability is also worthy, and regardless of how I end up voting, I respect them for not caving into pressure to have all family members do the political stage circuit.
Tags: elections, politics/government

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