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Productive but scatter-brained

I've been pretty good the past few days: finished up some holiday baking and got packages in the mail; edited and sent off the Unleashed review with screenshots in the hopes that WG can find a use for it, and even wrote a couple of checks to pay bills, but dang if I haven't just misplaced the stamps I was going to use to send 'em off! I seem to be cursed when it comes to keeping track of stamps. If I don't keep them constantly in the stamp drawer, they disappear into the ether.

I think I'm not going to send holiday cards at this point: it's just too late. *blushes* Besides . . . *mumbles* . . . I can't find the stamps. ;) If I do find 'em, though, maybe I'll actually write real, non-occasion letters to people! I wouldn't hold my breath, though: I found vintage stamps under the seat of my car, circa 1998 or so, I'd guess, so somewhere around 2008 or so I'll relocate the ones I've just lost. :)

Tags: organization/productivity, womengamers, writing
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