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Categorizing my LiveJournal

Sheesh, after doing 2001, which wasn't even a full year on LJ, I'm almost reluctant to write this: means another post to sort!

Today I've been using my Memories section to create categories to put my LJ posts in order. I got the idea after seeing Terrance's nicely-organized blog.

It's actually been somewhat enlightening. In 2001, the category with the greatest number of posts was Fandoms: I wrote a lot about Twin Peaks, Fellowship of the Ring, Buffy,Stargate: SG-1, and other shows and movies. Coming in at number two was News and Current Events, which wasn't surprising given that was the year of 9/11. Given the two in context, and the dates of most of the entries, looks like I (along with many other Americans) sought a little escapism after the horror and shock of those events. Despite that, I didn't actually complain much about day-to-day life: the smallest category for 2001 was Gripes, with only one small entry. :)

Accomplishments/Goals Attained: 2 entries
Animals: 2 entries
Autonomy/Introspection/Philosophy: 1 entry
Essays/Analysis: 10 entries
Family/Personal: 3 entries
Fandoms: 22 entries
Food: 8 entries
Friends/Social: 6 entries
Games/Entertainment: 4 entries
Gripes: 1 entry
Health: 2 entries
Holidays: 5 entries
Humor: 3 entries
Identity/Self-exploration/Psychology: 3 entries
Life Changes: 3 entries
Links of Interest: 6 entries
Literary/Reading/Book Reviews/Poems: 2 entries
Movie commentary: 11 entries
Music /Songs/CDs/Concerts: 6 entries
News/Current Events/Historic Moments: 14 entries
Online journals: 13 entries
Pictures: 7 entries
Politics: 1 entry
Polls: 7 entries
Published Articles: 3 entries
Publishing and writing: 2 entries
Quizzes/Webtoys: 6 entries
Rants: 8 entries
Symbolism/Metaphor: 3 entries
Technology/Tools: 3 entries
Television: 16 entries
Travel/Events recaps/comments: 5 entries
Year in Review: 1 entry (Technically posted in 2002)
Total entries: 87 total
Tags: accomplishments, livejournal, organization/productivity
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