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Bargain shopping and virtuality

This is not the most exciting journal entry in the world, but sometimes it's worthwhile to record the mundane, to give a truer picture of one's life: to show the ordinary day-to-day, rather than just the highs and lows.

Yesterday, David and I grabbed a little fried chicken at Mrs. Winner's (we don't eat like that all the time), then went to Tuesday Morning. I haven't been there in years; unfortunately, given that it was a few days after Christmas, we probably went at their most picked-over time of the year. We found no sheets of a suitable pocket depth, however, we did get a few new dish towels. Will definitely have to keep them in mind for picking up some new placemats.

Afterwards, we actually logged into DAoC for a while. David picked up Trials of Atlantis over the holidays, so we both did some adventuring; he really wants to get his minstrel (currently 49th) to 50th. A couple of guildies, including an old friend who hadn't been on in a while, helped form a group, and we made good progress before the 50th paladin that was assisting us had to head out. Everybody took that opportunity for dinner, and so the group broke up; my armswoman is now only 3 bubbles from 47th, not that I'm in any rush.

We ordered Chinese while sipping a tasty Rex Goliath chardonnay: very creamy, with a bit of apple to it and a touch of acidity. We haven't had a bad wine from them, yet. After dinner, I went to Atlantis with two guildies, while David logged in another character on another server and fiddled around with RvR in Caledonia for a bit.

We haven't played DAoC in a good while, so it was kind of fun to just put everything down for a day and enter the virtual world for a little entertainment. Today, I've been a good girl: have already paid the electric bill, and have a few things I intend to work on during my lunch. We'll probably have Chinese leftovers tonight for dinner, and I'll likely work on a couple of projects, including transcribing the apple compote recipe I got from Mom via phone yesterday into my recipe program; also need to get some baking done.

Tags: errands/shopping, married life, mmo games

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