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That was sweet of them

T. and mumpish just sent us the box set of the Harry Potter paperbacks. David hasn't read them. I have, but would enjoy re-reading the third book, I think. They certainly didn't have to do it, but it was awfully nice of them.

All necessary exchanges have been done; yay! We traded up to the George Foreman Double Knockout Grill, pictured below, which really should be perfect for our needs. You can cook two different foods with different cooking times, or for smaller meals, just use one side of it -- perfect for the two of us. Use one side when it's just the two of us, and both sides when we entertain. Now I need to find a good marinade for vegetables -- perhaps a nice vinaigrette? Whee!

Also got holiday cards for 1/2 off, and, as planned, picked up the Firefly DVDs. Nothing to do with that, but hard disk has been defragged, so I will soon install KotoR.

With these new DVDs in the house, need to think about getting a new DVD rack. I really want to go take a little trip to Tuesday Morning. Have decided I like Linens n' Things' inventory better than that of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

We are sipping a Coppola Chardonnay after running errands. It's fine, but for a $13 bottle of wine, well, I thought the $5.99 Fetzer Chardonnay we had not too long ago was better. *shrug*
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