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Mailing and errands

I photocopied that article from Atlanta Magazine about the city's best niche markets (best tea shop, best cheese shop, and so on) and mailed it to Dad today. Hope I used enough postage; didn't have access to a scale. I thought he might enjoy it, and it would take his mind off the discomfort in his mouth for at least a few minutes. I've been going through all my tapes, one by one, trying to find the Wine 101 program I taped from Food Network a long while ago. Unless it's on the last tape, I fear I've taped over it, dang it. I was going to send it to him. Heck, I'd like to watch it again myself. I checked to see if they were going to air it again, but no listings found.

Need to go and deposit my paycheck after work. Also need to go pick up some apple cider.

Found David what I consider to be a pretty darned nifty stocking stuffer at Target last night. He pretty much never reads my journal, so it's fairly safe to post it here: a teensy George Foreman grill (think it could do about two burgers). Was only $10.39 with tax! I was pleased, and he'll be surprised, I think. I'll keep the receipt so he can upgrade if he wants a bigger one, but personally, I think it'll do just fine, given that it's just the two of us most of the time. If we're entertaining, we can pull out the big DeLonghi we have, but we rarely use it because it's such a pain to clean (thus the GF). It's too bad, because it does make really great-tasting grilled things, especially with its aroma basket.

Tried Overstock.com for sheets, but couldn't find any with deep enough pockets. Really must get over to Tuesday Morning, but it may not happen before Christmas.

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