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Just a few errands today. Went to California Pizza Kitchen today, and it was not good. Their quality seems to have slipped since last we were there, and the service was extremely inattentive. Also, they've changed their veggie focaccia sandwich, which used to be my fave menu item -- I liked the old one much better. About the only thing this sandwich has in common with the old one is the bread. :/ Told our server that I liked the old version better, and he said "yeah, a lot of people say that." Then why don't they change it back? *sigh* I know: it's unlikely the information ever gets past the servers.

Tried searching for a small square of hard plastic to put under the wine fridge, to no avail. We did find the cat a new scratching post, so that will be her Christmas present, and cheapo tins of holiday popcorn at Office Depot for $3.74. Woohoo, as we're just about out of the fancy stuff we got from goodjoan.

Looked for sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but they are not on sale, and are mucho expensive for king deep-pocket. Also looked for a small space heater for David at work, but the ones they had were too large. I miss Homeplace. They were so much better than Bed, Bath and Beyond. I mean, BBB is okay, but it's like they have one of everything -- not multiples, so you can compare brands.

Best of all: we purchased tickets for Return of the King for 12/17 at 8 pm.

Tags: errands/shopping, lord of the rings, restaurants
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