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Just watched some of the "making of" Two Towers material. I am amazed, yet again, by Andy Serkis and how hard he fought for this part, how much he put into it, how much the animators, sculptors . . . heck, for that matter, outside of Gollum -- the construction of Helm's Deep, of the Dead Marshes . . . of the incredible armor.

I just cannot get over what people put into these films. It's just some of the most remarkable stuff I've ever seen. The blood they put into this . . . they all deserve recognition. Heck, I wish they'd make a special Gollum Oscar. I mean, this could so easily have been another Jar-Jar. Instead, I completely suspend disbelief every time I see it. (Well, except for the parts where I'm yelling at the screen over the changes to Faramir's character, but that's a "special" relationship I'm developing with the film.) ;)

Tags: lord of the rings, movies
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