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Roasted Garlic

So, we finally got around to trying The Roasted Garlic location in Dunwoody, GA. David had Emily's Euromixed grill, a combination of pork tenderloin, sausage, grilled slivers of portobello mushroom, fire roasted bell peppers, field greens, and crunchy rosemary potatoes. They were out of the venison parmigiana, but Nicole's Italian Pillows (spinach ravioli stuffed with smoked mozzarella and asparagus, then coated with a walnut pesto cream sauce with fresh spinach and basil in it) were a delicious, rich substitute. Oh, the fresh pesto. Oh my, the garlic. Yum.

We started the meal with their signature tapas, the ciabatta bread with roasted garlic tapenade. Was simple but good. I might try one of their special appetizers next time (the stuffed calamari sounded tasty). With a glass of wine apiece, the total bill came to around $47. It wasn't quite the sorely-missed Pastabilities (*mournful whimper*), but it was certainly better than average, and only five minutes away. Also, the service was very friendly and welcoming -- warm, without being cloying. That scores good marks with me.

I enjoyed the cozy feel of the place: dark woods, Sinatra in the background, and a fireplace, but nobody batted an eye when we came in wearing jeans, and the water is served in clear Coca-Cola glasses. I liked it. I generally prefer places like that -- good food made with fresh ingredients, fairly reasonable price (not the knock-you-on-your-duff bargain that Pastabilities was, but perfectly reasonable), nice atmosphere, but not so nice that you feel like you have to put on your face just to go there.

I'm pretty sure we'll take my parents when next they're in town.

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