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Viewed TTT:EE


Liked somewhat better, but still very pissed about Faramir. I think I'll enjoy this as long as I don't watch the last portion of it. I still want to throw oranges at the screen when Sam says "we aren't supposed to be here," and yell "you're damned right you're not!" *sigh* (The orange-throwing is not at Sam. I like Sean Astin's portrayal of Sam. It's the fargin' script I take issue with. I feel Philippa and PJ really went the wrong way with that one, and the EE has not changed my mind as I had hoped that it would. I remain disappointed.)

Not as much added back with Treebeard and the ents as I would've liked, but yay for the huorns.

I realize after watching it that they cut the daylights out of this one. Now I feel like when I saw TTT in the theaters, I paid to see the "cut-to-bits-for-television" version. :/

I remain amazed by Andy Serkis' performance, and very impressed by Karl Urban as Eomer.

I liked the continuity bit with Aragorn's horse. Not canon, but I don't mind *some* non-canon, as long as it's not an incredibly gross alteration that seems completely unnecessary.

Haven't seen the extra stuff yet; just watched the movie.

And, as Theresa and I discussed . . . we get that stuff has to be cut to fit the story into the movie. We get that. Really. Even get that some stuff has to be rewritten to non-canon, to make it flow. What generally hacks us off is the stuff that's added that doesn't have a concrete basis that's consistent with the character in Tolkien.

The movies are two for two: in each, I have a screen-pelting moment: the first cringeworthy "auuuugh" is the whole "ranger caught off his guard" cheese, and the second, I've already mentioned.

I hope for better from Return of the King.

It's funny. I usually like the second movie best in the major trilogies I've seen. Empire Strikes Back and The Matrix: Reloaded come to mind. Not this one, though. I'm pretty sure, for me, it will likely remain the weakest of the three, unless they just do something even more horrendous.

Oh, and I feel kind of bad saying this . . . I really do. The guy seems to have tried really hard, and worked his butt off during the filming . . . I mean, I really feel bad -- he seems to truly be giving his best effort, and a person's best is all we can ask for, but Viggo -- unless we see some remarkable something that hasn't been present for the first two films, and I'm hoping that we do . . . I just feel like his performance has been outmatched by almost everyone he's been on-screen with. Again, I feel bad saying that -- he is obviously trying hard, but he just comes across as Aragorn Lite to me, somehow. I realize I'm in the minority with that opinion, and hey, it is just my opinion. I give him an E for Effort, but two films down, and I still don't feel like I've seen Aragorn.

December approaches.


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Nov. 19th, 2003 08:09 am (UTC)
OK. Please don't kill me. I know how you feel about the Faramir thing.

HOWEVER. I did hear one convincing argument as to why he was changed for the movie. (this was heard second-third-fourth hand, so I don't even know if it's true, but it sounds good and makes me feel better about it) It's egotistical in that Jackson thought it was a weak plot point in the book. Figure this:

Gandalf: mighty wizard: tempted by The Ring.

Aragorn: many years old, mighty king to be: tempted by The Ring.

Frodo: as pure as they come, except for Sam: tempted by The Ring.

Faramir: just some guy: not tempted at all.

It doesn't really make sense. If you compare Faramir to everyone else in the book/movies, he's not any better, any more pure, etc. If he was all that and a bag of chips, why didn't HE take the ring to destroy it? It doesn't fit that he was the only one in the world not tempted.

Does it stray from the book? Yes, in a big way. But it didn't really make that much sense in the first place.

(hides in expectation of Banshee fury)
Nov. 19th, 2003 09:55 am (UTC)
*smiles* Fear not the Banshee wrath. If it makes you feel better, then that is good. I would like to feel better and be happy with it, but I am not.

To me, the point of Faramir not being tempted by the ring is that he is "just a guy." He is simply a good man. We hear on and on, harped on over and over, how weak men are, and how easily tempted, yadda, yadda, yadda, humans suck, they're corruptible, etc. Faramir, in contrast, gives a certain amount of hope. He is human, but he does not succumb. He is written as deliberate contrast to his brother, who fell to its temptations.

Frodo is proof that even the smallest person can make a difference, but all have a part to play in saving Middle Earth. Eowyn fells the Witch-King. Faramir gives the lie to the theory that all men are weak. Aragorn, Galadriel and Gandalf have always seemed on another level to me: larger than life and above the norm (the latter two already ringbearers themselves), but Frodo and Faramir are regular guys, and Eowyn is comparatively regular herself, which really makes their actions all the more heroic and noble. They don't wield magic, they don't have especially long lives, they're not heirs to the throne of anything, but they do do the best they can with the time that has been given to them. They are much more the Everyman, and many readers, I think, can identify with them a bit more closely than some of the others.

And yeah, I do think it is kind of arrogant of Jackson to go directly fiddling with a deliberate and intentional characterization on Tolkien's part. The man showed incredible attention to detail in the construction of Middle Earth, so if he wrote Faramir like that, then I'm thinking he intended Faramir to be like that. Whether Philippa and Peter felt it would play well or "dynamically" in Peoria or not doesn't change what Tolkien wrote it to be.

Just my opinion, though. There are certain bits in the movies that bring out the purist in me, and this is one of them. :)
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