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Viewed TTT:EE


Liked somewhat better, but still very pissed about Faramir. I think I'll enjoy this as long as I don't watch the last portion of it. I still want to throw oranges at the screen when Sam says "we aren't supposed to be here," and yell "you're damned right you're not!" *sigh* (The orange-throwing is not at Sam. I like Sean Astin's portrayal of Sam. It's the fargin' script I take issue with. I feel Philippa and PJ really went the wrong way with that one, and the EE has not changed my mind as I had hoped that it would. I remain disappointed.)

Not as much added back with Treebeard and the ents as I would've liked, but yay for the huorns.

I realize after watching it that they cut the daylights out of this one. Now I feel like when I saw TTT in the theaters, I paid to see the "cut-to-bits-for-television" version. :/

I remain amazed by Andy Serkis' performance, and very impressed by Karl Urban as Eomer.

I liked the continuity bit with Aragorn's horse. Not canon, but I don't mind *some* non-canon, as long as it's not an incredibly gross alteration that seems completely unnecessary.

Haven't seen the extra stuff yet; just watched the movie.

And, as Theresa and I discussed . . . we get that stuff has to be cut to fit the story into the movie. We get that. Really. Even get that some stuff has to be rewritten to non-canon, to make it flow. What generally hacks us off is the stuff that's added that doesn't have a concrete basis that's consistent with the character in Tolkien.

The movies are two for two: in each, I have a screen-pelting moment: the first cringeworthy "auuuugh" is the whole "ranger caught off his guard" cheese, and the second, I've already mentioned.

I hope for better from Return of the King.

It's funny. I usually like the second movie best in the major trilogies I've seen. Empire Strikes Back and The Matrix: Reloaded come to mind. Not this one, though. I'm pretty sure, for me, it will likely remain the weakest of the three, unless they just do something even more horrendous.

Oh, and I feel kind of bad saying this . . . I really do. The guy seems to have tried really hard, and worked his butt off during the filming . . . I mean, I really feel bad -- he seems to truly be giving his best effort, and a person's best is all we can ask for, but Viggo -- unless we see some remarkable something that hasn't been present for the first two films, and I'm hoping that we do . . . I just feel like his performance has been outmatched by almost everyone he's been on-screen with. Again, I feel bad saying that -- he is obviously trying hard, but he just comes across as Aragorn Lite to me, somehow. I realize I'm in the minority with that opinion, and hey, it is just my opinion. I give him an E for Effort, but two films down, and I still don't feel like I've seen Aragorn.

December approaches.
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