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Last night's Angel ep

Last night's episode of Angel was one of the better ones I have seen in some time. (Admittedly, I unfortunately missed last week's, though I heard it was decent as well.) I haven't really been too sure of the show's footing this season, but felt like it played to its strengths, for the most part, with the episode "Lineage."

The character of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce has undergone some dramatic changes since he first appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and speaking personally, they have been enjoyable to watch. The character has become a gritty, by-any-means-necessary fighter for justice, who quite literally was "sleeping with the enemy" (Lilah) well before the rest of Team Angel started to do so in a more figurative sense when they accepted the deal with Wolfram and Hart. Last night dealt with the relationship issues that still cause complications: issues of trust with Angel, self-doubt and insecurity in his relationship with a demanding father, and the unrequited love he has for Fred.

Through all of it, though, there is a drawback: Eve still bugs the daylights out of me. *grins* At least Spike agrees with me, leaving her stuck in the elevator. :) I really think it's the actor, not the script --- or maybe that's how they're directing her to be played. I don't know, I just know she grates on my nerves. It's perfectly plausible that W&H would leave a watcher for Team Angel, but . . . I just really miss Lilah, and this new actor seems to make the hole left by Stephanie Romanov's absence that much bigger/more apparent. I will say that the death of the character creates yet more interesting character development for Wesley . . . it's not precisely that the loss of the character bothers me, it's that what they've replaced it with is so smarmy ingenue one-dimensional.

One thing that's nagging at me: they've played up Wesley's angst over the developing connection between Fred and Knox, but we really haven't seen any reaction from Gunn, and he and Fred actually used to have a regular relationship. I suppose it's convenient to chalk that up to W&H playing with his head and him adjusting to that (being preoccupied with it), but it seems a little, well, too convenient for him to be that over it so quickly. Dunno.

Anyway, I liked last night's character development, and hope the season continues at this level of quality or better.
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