pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Confirmed opinion

Saw Two Towers again via a DVD rental. It confirmed my opinion that I do not want to own the theatrical release, and will wait for the extended edition. I was fuming from Faramir on. Sure do hope the added footage corrects some things that were clearly a result of forced editing.

Am reading D. Preston and L. Child's Thunderhead. I'm about halfway through it, and it is following their tried-and-true formula so far, but there are a few more bits that defy plausibility than usual. I cannot say it's one of their best-crafted works, but I find the subject material quite entertaining.

I am trying to figure out an easy, non-boring potluck recipe for work this coming Friday. I thought about Brunswick stew, but I am not inclined to go to that much trouble. Don't want to do lasagna, and don't want to do anything too expensive. Meatballs also qualify as too much of a PiA. Has to taste great, and be super-easy. Relatively inexpensive and lowfat preferred. I'll come up with something.
Tags: authors, books, lord of the rings, menu planning, movies

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