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I am so glad I didn't vote for him . . .

This Marriage Protection Week is about the most insulting, offensive, and gratuitous thing I've seen in quite some time from a president. No, I haven't forgotten how much I despise Clinton, either -- but Bush surely is a crappy follow-up. Crikey, why can't we elect a nice, inclusive centrist who will at least piss everyone off equally? I mean, rather than this insanely-swinging pendulum banging around, why not just be adults who know that America is a big place with a lot of differing perspectives, so why not just cut to the chase and start off from a realistic, non-extremist ground? Why can't we move just a leeeetle tiny bit closer to some generalized Libertarian concepts, where government stays out of our bedrooms, and quits practicing medicine without a license.

For those so inclined, I include a link to the HRC petition for formal recognition of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender unions.

HRC's Million for Civil Marriage

And you know, it was just totally unnecessary. I mean, it ain't like Bush was going to lose any supporters by not doing this. I figure this is something that he personally believes in, and knows full well that he's not getting re-elected, so he's just doing whatever he pleases. *eye roll* Yeah, like that's ethical, or even remotely lines up with the oath of office he took. After all, regardless of whatever his beliefs are, he is supposed to at least make an effort to represent all of the people of America, not just some of them.

And yes, I know that an e-mail petition does next to nothing. The better thing to do is to actually write your elected official, donate to a lobbyist organization, or get involved yourself. Here is a link where you can get addresses for representatives:

Project Vote Smart

Do have your 4-digit zip extension handy when you go there, if you need to find out who represents you. You can get your zip+4 here:

USPS Zip+4

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