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Late much?

Finally got check in the mail to goodjoan and put Mom's belated (by 13 days) birthday card in the mail. *sighs* Late much? Also got Mom's present, the Lion in Winter DVD, ordered from Amazon yesterday, so with luck, it and the card should arrive roughly the same time. At least I have a good excuse on that one (the support bucks I used to purchase were really late in being credited to me).

Have been sick this past week: upper respiratory infection with laryngitis. Woo. Have prescription from doctor that has helped much. Felt quite puny, and was out two days last week (see Oct. 6th entry -- was out on the 7th and 9th) from work. :þ

Lunch break almost over; will try to avoid breathing on anyone after consuming exceedingly garlicky mushroom and eggplant salad from Katz's, a new place we discovered last night.
Tags: birthdays, health, mom, presents
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