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How cool was that?

Neat. Well, I took my little candles out on the sidewalk, expecting to sit alone for an hour. Instead, a guy named John who's an art student at the Art Institute up the way was walking home on the other side of the street, and stopped and sat with me and talked for an hour about Puerto Rico, videography, about taking Spanish to read some of his favorite authors, about being new to Atlanta, about Vietnamese food, about Andalusian and Celtic music connections. Thank you for a very nice conversation. I definitely feel unexpectedly rewarded for my wee little stand.

It's not often that people do that . . . just take time out of wherever they're going to stop and talk. A damned worthy and appropriate connection on 9/11 -- unisolated and open. Not alone in our own little pockets. Kind of hopeful, really.
Tags: 9/11, introspection/analysis
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