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Fellowship of the Ring DVD Extended Cut

I've owned it for a while, but it's taken me a bit to just have the chance to sit down and enjoy FotR -- finally watched it yesterday, and finished up all the additional "making of" DVDs today. I am so glad they restored the gifts in Lothlorien. I still can't believe they cut that part out of the theatrical release, but I'm definitely glad it's back in the DVD. The bits with Bilbo as storyteller are so appropriate as well.

Fellowship was such a fine piece of work to begin with, however . . . I . . . I don't know if they can salvage Two Towers, even with an extended cut. I was disappointed with it after the second viewing. The first, I was so overcome with relief that Arwen didn't appear at Helm's Deep that I think I sort of overlooked the cracks the first viewing, but second viewing . . . I mean, Faramir. I don't see how they can fix Faramir. And Sam and Frodo in Gondor --- there's no way for them to fix that, unless they completely cut out what was shown in the theater and replace it. I want some justification. I want some explanation from PJ on that. I mean -- they so love the work. Everyone on the project cared so much about the books --- they must have had some exceedingly strong reason for changing it. I'd like to know what it was.

However, I remain very happy with Fellowship, save for the cringy Arwen-where-she-isn't-supposed-to-be acting like Arwen-isn't-supposed-to-act.

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