pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

I am so glad now that I didn't buy a concert t-shirt

There's a much better souvenir -- indeed, what better memento could there be?

What's really crazy is that I was thinking about this just the other day, thinking that artists should do this. It would make so much more sense. The fans would be happier, and the artists would make money, and . . . finally, someone has gone and done it:

Peter Gabriel Encore Series

Oh, yes, what "it" is (not a Segway) -- an actual from-the-musician's-own-sound-board "bootleg" mixed to effect the specific arena's acoustics -- in other words, the very finest recording of the concert you heard live that you can get.

I ordered. I'll let you know if it actually arrives. So far, 'net shopping has been very dependable, but there's always a first time.

And Duran Duran is in tour rehearsals - major tour in 2004, after release of new album. . . . no, I mean the original five, reunited. 25th anniversary reunion. It won't be the same as if I'd gotten to see them back when I was thirteen or so and Mom wouldn't let me go because she said I was too young and everyone else got to go, dammit, but I'd still like to see them together.

I'm having a good information gathering night on the 'net. It has turned me into an LJ-posting nut -- more "within a day" posts than I've done in a while. Sorry if I'm cluttering friends' pages.
Tags: eighties, music
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