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Not impressed

Very disappointed in the BtVS series finale. There was some snappy dialogue -- bits I loved:

"Getting the brush-off for Captain Peroxide," (finally getting even for the "nancy boy hair gel" line, are we, Angel? :) ) I actually rather enjoyed Angel's whole bit.
"Good, good. I haven't had enough jealous vampire crap tonight." Spike had some good reaction stuff here, too.
Trogdor the Burninator reference! I about fell off the sofa laughing! I'd seen a picture of Joss in a Strong Bad t-shirt, so knew he was a fan, but it made me happy that he worked it in :)
"I used to be a well respected watcher, and now I'm a wounded dwarf with the mystical power of a doily."

However . . . as a whole, I found it very lacking. Rushed. Bits that were very out of character. Don't even try to tell me after we've seen Xander go after Willow, after Buffy, that he wouldn't look a bit harder for the woman he loves and nearly married. Little to no closure in so many areas. The action scenes were too long, the character connections too short, especially for the ensemble as a whole. Too much Buffy, too little Giles, Willow, Xander, Anya, and even Dawn. And for Gawd's sake, that Hellmouth bit -- gee, Sunnydale opens onto the pits around Orthanc, who knew? :/ Wait, that does explain the Willowdalf or Gandillow Factor just a bit. :þ

Very vague, very rushed; just sorta there. I'm very disappointed. I expected better. The B5 series finale was so much more powerful. Buffy has had some good episodes, even some good ones in season seven, but this wasn't even one of the better ones of those, IMHO, much less the series as a whole.

I even thought they'd do a little more with the Mutant Enemy than that.

The whole thing seemed --- I hate saying this, I've watched the show from the beginning --- half-assed. Not the way I wanted it to end, not by a long shot.

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