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Current on The Americans

FX has a frustratingly tight streaming window, so I've been pushing to finish The Americans before they pull it today. I made it, and I really enjoyed this season. I was a little surprised by the resolution (or lack thereof) of Henry's story line. I thought they'd likely give that a definite "Yes," but I was wrong, and that's okay -- the unpredictability of this show is part of what makes it so strong, even in its fifth season.

I'm current on:

  • The Americans (complete for this season)
  • American Gods (complete for this season)
  • Legion (complete for this season)
  • The Originals (complete for this season as of 7/6/2017)
  • RuPaul's Drag Race (complete for this season, which I really liked)
  • Twin Peaks (the return)
I must remember to keep an eye out for Midnight, Texas on July 24th. Orphan Black has returned, but I'm still behind on last season. I'd sort of like to watch S2 of The Expanse. Lord knows when I'll get to anything else.

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