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Twin Peaks is back

It has been a very stressful day (two hours on the phone with zero results from Dell -- their customer service now beats AT&T and Netflix for being the worst I have ever encountered). However, I did want to say that one of my favorite shows in the whole world (see default user icon) has returned.

I wept a few tears of joy. I had no idea that Catherine Coulson was going to be in it. This couldn't have been filmed but maybe a week or two before she died, if that long. I thought they hadn't started filming until after she passed, but I'm delighted that I was wrong about that.

The trees, the falls ... it was like my heart got to go home again for a little while. Well, a piece of my heart, anyway: another part of it leapt out of my chest in terror and fled when the entity attacked the couple in New York. :)

So many references. I wanted to step into the television set and hug all of these old friends.

For me, the most shocking bit was Laura being sucked up through the ceiling in the lobby of the Lodge. What happened to her, and why?

Addendum: I just cancelled the entire order with Dell. I was that frustrated. I lost three hours chasing around with them on the phone, talking with people in India some of the time, but most of it spent on hold. I'm back to the drawing board for a good gaming laptop that isn't hideous.

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