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How I'd like to see Buffy end

Someone asked a rather nifty question on one of the Buffy boards I occasionally browse. How would you like to see Buffy end?

Potential spoilers contained below, not because anything I'd like to happen will happen, but because I mention certain season 7 events in my theorizing.

I'll try to summarize as much as possible . . . I trust that given the fact that Joss Whedon made singing vampires work, and given that we've seen dead characters brought back time and time again, working this into a seamless, coherent tale should be near-effortless for the series writers. *grins*


  • I'd like to see Buffy and Angel end up together, but not for a little while yet. She needs to somehow get to quit being the Slayer, either made so by the PtB as a reward for good service, the ending of the First essentially eliminating all demons, letting Faith take the line . . . I don't know. Maybe defeating the First saves the world, but the weapon exacts a price (or gift, depending on how you look at it) from the Slayer who wields it, claiming the current Slayer's abilities/energy inside it to make it even stronger for the next Slayer's battle. I don't know. Or maybe she doesn't lose her abilities, but somehow, the burden isn't hers anymore. She can just find out what normal is, go travel, go on vacation, something. Then, when she's feeling better, at the end of the series, she and Angel can defeat the really final apocalypse, Angel gets to be human, and he and she can go have smoochies off in the sunset (or sunrise) together.

  • Spike and . . . it's not that I mind Spike in a relationship, he and Dru were great, and the Buffy thing was even okay for a time, for anachronistic interest, but I don't like the whole he's her love puppy direction the story has taken. That's a wash. He comes to his senses, he doesn't need her for his own redemption . . . learns for himself what "Take all that away, and what's left? Me." really means. He and Faith have good chemistry, so maybe we could see some hinting and intimations there, but I'd prefer to leave it a little vague. They really are better suited for one another: both former bads and all.

  • Xander. This is surprisingly hard in a way. That "Willow . . don't" scene in the hospital after his injury really put a lump in my throat. However, he really, really loves Anya, and she loves him. For all their odd lumps, they kind of fit together. Though I also confess to seeing chemistry between Anya and Andrew, and hey, they're both killers, both socially awkward. Xander's hard for me. There's nobody I see as a perfect match for him, and he deserves something good, despite all his flaws and occasional misdeeds in the past. Wait! I've got it! Fred! Fred from Angel -- perfect! Very Willowesque in some ways, but kinda more on Xander's level. That could be good! Of course, that means I have to figure out someone for Gunn, now, but that problem can wait until the end of Angel. :)

  • Willow. I know my answer to this one. I don't even care about the message it sends, darnit -- he was her first love, and it works just fine within the series. Willow and Oz. Sometimes, the plot is just the plot. :) Oz returns, helps vanquish evil, finds an older, wiser Willow, and together, they control their alternate aspects without being controlled by them. Let them marry and grow old together in the gentle, caring love we saw between them from the start. I loved Tara, but in the canon, Tara's dead. Admittedly, that doesn't mean much in the Jossverse, but this is my desired ending, so I'm feeling free to pick and choose what I want to ignore. :) Willow and Oz were one of my very favorite couples on the show.

  • Giles. I was an avowed Giles/Joyce 'shipper. Damn that Whedon man. In my Buffyverse, somehow, she's restored, and she and Giles get married. I don't know how, but the writers broke it, so they can bloody well figure out how to fix it. :/

    Other resolutions:

  • Magic is fixed. I thought the whole "addictive magic" storyline was bloody stupid. However, let's say that killing the First "cleanses the source," as it were, stealing a page from Robert Jordan's books. With this, she could fix Xander's eye, which was removed by . . . unnatural causes.

  • Dawn is restored to her key self. I wouldn't have minded Dawn for the season where she was part of the plot, but she's overstayed her welcome in my mind. Somehow, she sacrifices to save the world, and is freed from her human container. Or her human container is starting to cause problems, the energy inside her is expanding or something uncontrollable, I don't know. She ascends somehow, and gets out of the Scooby Gang's hair.

  • Kennedy and Rona die. Please. Make it mercifully swift so it doesn't have to take up any more screen time than necessary. Or send them off somewhere to another country on a mission. I don't care -- just get them out of the picture.

  • Principal Wood gets killed in a noble sacrifice. It's not that I don't like the character, he's just become a bit extraneous.

  • Jonathan - Deserves to be brought back somehow. And deserves a nice geek gal, after a little more time of soul-searching for his Trio actions. Maybe she and he can have Anya and Andrew over for dinner and get them, um, sorta socialized. I could see Jonathan getting up to at least Xander level of functionality.

  • Reunion. The original Scoobies stand together, united, and there's some real talk between them for them to reconnect -- and somehow, it's conveyed that this is for always, no more divisions or melodrama.

  • Cordie's old, pain-in-the-butt self needs to at least make an appearance. Maybe she has to come home because her dad is out of prison for tax fraud or something.

  • Giles and Willow time. I really hate that season seven hasn't given us the fatherly, kindly mentoring time that these two should have had.

  • More Lorne. But that's really for Angel. :)

    I'm sure there are other loose ends, but I'd be satisfied with resolving these.

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