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Thoughts on Angel season finale: "Home"

It was a good episode, but a very strange one. Very strange, some things inconsistent with characters -- except the Angel characters are rather dynamic, and change a good bit. Look at Wes.

Even with that, it kind of bugged me that all of them were so ready to go. I would have felt better if some of them had been rationalizing it as a way to infiltrate and find out what W&H was really doing. A few scenes, maybe, of Fred lying awake thinking about it, or Gunn pacing across the floor, would have settled better with me. Something. You can say they're all wonked from post-Jasmine effects, internal and external, and looking for something new, but I think a little more hesitation would have been appropriate.

Connor. What can you say? Heartbreaking ending there. I was all "meeple" afterwards. But I agree with what some other fans have said: one of Connor's last lines is "Everything else is just a lie. You can't be saved by a lie." Even though Angel's sacrifice is truly unselfish, given out of love and the right reasons, maybe even the only possible way to give Connor a bit of happiness, it's also the delivery of a lie. And it gives W&H leverage any time Angel drops out of line.

I'm very sorry to hear the rumors that Angel didn't have the budget for another regular, so one of the current regulars had to go . . . and it seems it was Vincent Kartheiser. Why did they no longer have room, you might ask? Rumor mill has it that James Marsters is coming over to Angel, and he, understandably, needed to be a regular there because of having to keep his hair bleached, which made him less eligible to get other jobs. Makes sense -- just would've liked to see Connor stay, too. Personally, I'd love to ditch Cordelia, but I'm sure she's contracted for the whole show.

Lilah . . . glad to see her back, kind of a touching bit there between her and Wes. The character is a touch more sympathetic -- I think we could see something a la Darla, where Miss Bad makes some final sacrifice for good. Right now, though, she's still evil, and let's not forget that. I find it hard to believe that this whole W&H deal isn't a scheme, and she's in it up to her slit neck.

Something for consideration: Cordelia was the snake in their midst this season. Of the "Fang Gang," she and Connor were the only two who didn't take the deal. Granted, neither were present for the offer, but assuming Connor is out of the picture, she's the only one outside the box, and could wake up and shake them and say "what the hell were you people thinking?" Spike, too, assuming he's on board for next year. There are people out there to rescue them, if rescue is needed.

As a side note, I think Lorne deserves more character development. They seem to be starting to treat him like Xander -- comic relief only.

I will be curious to see what happens with Gunn after the panther and the white room.

I'm really going to miss Tim Minear. Funny to see Fred's guide was an actor who'd appeared on Buffy.

I'm finishing up lunch break; need to run.


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