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Random thoughts on BtVS ep "Touched"

Spoilers below.

My fantasies for Kennedy include it being revealed that she's an agent of the First to distract Will, because the First perceives her as a real threat . . . and the icing would be having Oz return just in time to whack her. I'm trying to trust the writers -- I'm sure they're writing her to be deliberately annoying, very much communicating that this is a rebound, someone that the audience doesn't want Will to stay with. It's not that I want her to grieve for Tara forever, but . . . sorry, I do think she needs a little more restraint time.

Speaking of annoyances, I don't know where Rona was this ep, but I hope something nasty got her.

I know Buff was out of it, but Sunnydale emptied out and she kicks a man out of his own house? It's not even to save him (though she kind of does that indirectly), it's because she wants a cold Tab? Didn't really get that whole segment. It seemed off and pointless.

Preview bits: Angel and Buffy reunited. Good, but I don't see how there can be much closure on that, given Angel's continued adventures, unless it's somehow contracted that SMG will come back at the end of that show to wind things up.

Much more interesting than Spike/Buffy: a Spike/Faith relationship. Both bads, both reformed . . . to a degree. Yeah, I know why it can't happen, but there's definitely much more energy there than SMG/JM, it seems. My favorite bit in this whole ep was the Spike/Faith fight. I was glad to see the Mayor; he's still my fave Big Bad.

The whole "hell of a woman" bit was incredibly cheesy. Ditto the Matrix bit. *eye roll*

Plausibility is stretched about as far as it can go with this "friends kicked Buffy out and now can't get it together." I'm not the first who's said this, but Giles has shown plenty of leadership in the past -- I'm really finding all that very hard to believe.

The bomb thing. Sheesh, everyone's getting their knickers in a twist over Faith possibly dying. I really don't think that's going to happen for a variety of reasons.

The Faith/Wood thing seemed a bit forced to me, but really, interestingly, it was kind of more for him than for her -- all that stuff about his mom choosing to be the Slayer, and not choosing to stay with him? Another Slayer he thought he might connect with, another one who finds him comforting at times, but quite disposable. It's all about utility, Mr. Wood. (Oh, dear -- the line "Wood stakes Faith" just occurred to me. Eeep.)

Glad to see Anya/Xander back together, if only for apocalypse sex. Though I'm sure he knew it on some level, he knows he's still desirable to her, with or without the eye. Not that she'd have much room, given her, erm, lovely visage as Anyanka.

This ep kind of dragged for me. We're this close to the end, and it felt sluggish, save for the Spike/Faith fight. Seriously: I was yawning through the whole Caleb/Buffy battle, much as I was glad to see Nathan Fillion.

Jane Espenson co-wrote the next one, "End Of Days." She's written some good episodes, so we'll see.

UPN, please quit cramming "Goodbye to You" down our throats. I liked it in its original context, not in this heavy-handed marketing attempt at emotional manipulation, and now I'm finding it grating and annoying.

Speaking of music, I did like some of the music from this episode.

Sorry if the entry is kind of disjointed -- I kept getting interrupted while I was writing it.


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