pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

In Memoriam

Thank you, Roger Ebert.

Tonight, I'm raising a glass in your memory. You were an insightful writer who inspired many in your role as a film critic, and you inspired many more during the last eight years of your life as you faced cancer with grace and courage.

I remember taking the movie beat for my high school paper, and writing my predictions for the Oscars in the hope that I'd match or beat you. I never did, but I tried because of "Sneak Previews" (yes, I remember the PBS show) and "At the Movies."

America's most beloved movie fan is gone. Tomorrow, newspapers will be filled with political cartoons, homages, and accolades acknowledging one of their best. It will be long before we see his like again.

My sincerest condolences to Chaz, his widow. Know that we honor you, too, and all that you did to ease his suffering. He will never be forgotten.

If there is a heaven, I'd wager that Gene Siskel is there to greet his old rival and friend. Both are now at peace. Cancer cannot hurt them any more.

Tags: deaths, movies, partings

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