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Just a few more Buffys to go

I'm glad I'm not alone -- like many, I was rather disappointed with Buffy last night. I've given it 24 hours. We can either look at it as the writers just drop-kicking the internal consistency the characters Buffy the Vampire Slayerhave built over the last seven seasons right out the window, or we can try to comfortably rationalize it as Hellmouthiness getting to SiTs and Scoobs alike, Buffy included. Kinda doesn't make sense, though: I mean, they've been living on the Hellmouth for years, now. They've fought evil every night in various forms. Been there, done that on the apocalypse bit. Inured to it, one would think . . . the bad vibes finally getting to them after so long doesn't quite wash. It feels rushed. It feels more like: "oh-crap-we've-got-five-episodes-left-gotta-get-moving." Pretty disjointed . . . at this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see the mutant enemy swallow Sunnydale whole at the end in an animated rampage. :)

The "not-Joss"ness has been showing in the writing. Interestingly, not so much on Angel -- Tim Minear has done a rather good job there, from most accounts. I haven't tuned in much, but what I've caught has been fairly interesting. And they appear to be continuing the fine tradition of "nobody ever really dies on Buffy" on the show. :)

I will be pretty much not sad when Buffy ends. It's time. It has had a good run. I enjoyed it, and there are certain characters that still have life in them; there are certain stories that could still be told, yes -- but this story, this phase, draws to a close. Time for a new one to start. Not sure what it will be, what's out there, but there will be something. We lost Babylon 5, but then Buffy came along. I don't want it to wear out its welcome - the charm has begun to wear a bit thin in places. As all-over-the-place as some of the writing has been this season, like many, I'd prefer to see it go out on a strong note -- which I'm hoping it will do. I think it will: Whedon is writing the final ep. It's not precisely that I will miss Buffy. I mean, I will, the characters are familiar and comfortable, but really, it's more that I will miss something occupying that "television of reasonably good quality" niche. If Whedon returns with a spin-off, after some time to regroup, refresh, and rest -- the man surely deserves it -- I'm sure I'd tune in just to see. I'm still sorry Firefly was cancelled.

We fans hope you'll take Buffy out with a well-earned bang, Mr. Whedon: it has worked hard, earned a place in fandom's heart, and deserves a good ending. I'm ready. But no matter what happens, we'll get one last "Grr, aarrgh."

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