pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Heard this tonight and liked it

I'd never heard of Lana Del Rey until about 20 minutes ago, but I instantly liked these two songs:

She's sure workin' the Brigitte Bardot look. If the rest of the album is this good, it's an impressive debut.

Something about the "Born to Die" video/song reminds me of what might happen if you combined the languid, sensual dreaminess of David Lynch, the gunshot pop of a Bond girl, and just a twist of Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers. The vocals and visuals fully deliver a grimy, scratched-up memory of an American dream: there's a devil-may-care desire to get lost; a seductive live-fast-and-die-young nihilism accompanied by melancholy.

EDIT, 02/29/2012: I'm taking it as a message from fate that less than 12 hours after I discovered her, Born to Die is one of 29 albums on sale for $2.99 as a Leap Year Day special at both Google Music and Amazon. I just nabbed it, and I'm listening to it now. More info on the sale here.

EDIT, 03/02/2012: This album has been in heavy rotation since I got it. I'm pretty pleased. It's definitely worth more than I paid for it, so that counts as a win.

Tags: music, video
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