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True Blood, S4, E11: "Soul of Fire" and the teaser for the finale

I've been a bit lukewarm on True Blood this season, but this episode pulled a lot of things together for me. Warning: there are big spoilers beyond this point, both for the books and the television series.

  • I like what they've done with Jesus' character, and Kevin Alejandro really delivered in this episode.

  • I just cannot say enough about Fiona Shaw's performance. She's been outstanding. Actually, no offense to the previous TB Big Bads, but I think she's had the most demanding role, and she's owned it.

  • Nelsan Ellis is terrific. They've given him some acting challenges this season, and he's met every single one like it was nothing.

  • Speaking of excellent acting, Ryan Kwanten's done a wonderful job conveying how Jason has matured, and that nuanced scene with Jessica ... well done. I loved how Jason broke it down for the vampires outside the Moon Goddess Emporium. Despite his, erm, luck with the ladies in the past, Jason has always been a protector. He protected Hoyt in the past, he's protected Sookie, he's protected the children of Hotshot, and he's served in that role as a police officer. He's flawed, but he truly means well. He could still go werepanther, but that plot point seems to be dimming. If it doesn't happen by the end of this season I doubt it will happen at all.

  • I was so happy that they included the bit from the books with Alcide abjuring Debbie,and I thought it worked exceedingly well for the emotional intensity of that scene. (I hope they're going to deal with Marcus' body, though. They can't just leave it there. Though that would sort of echo the books, too, in terms of Alcide getting left with a body to deal with.) Does this pave the way for Alcide to become packmaster?

  • Side speculation: speaking of the books, I have no idea whether or not they'll bring Quinn in. The show has diverged so much from the novels, and that's mostly okay: I enjoy both stories, except when the show really compromises a character-defining moment, such as the way they butchered the shower scene. Anway, getting back to Quinn, the popular choice is Jason Momoa, and all I can think is "Make it so!" I don't fancy him at all, but I think he'd be perfect for that part: I think he even resembles a tiger just a bit!

  • Oh, Alan Ball. That little "Bill! You can't!" protest from Sookie was far too telling. Not a peep about Eric. I feel like the writers are really letting the off-camera marriage between Paquin and Moyer impact the plot.

  • Mercy, Pam. I mean, I know she's a pragmatist and a survivor, and I also get that she's suffered greatly during the witch uprising, but ... I was just a mite shocked at what she said about Sookie. I mean, I suppose a vampire using vulgar language would be the least of my worries if I ever encountered one, but sheesh ... Pam's got a mouth on her, don't she?

  • Speaking of Bill and Eric ... Alan, I have to ask: are you engaging in some B&D fanservice in this scene from the finale? 'cause without the blood, you could put them up in dance cages at a gay bar and they wouldn't be out of place at all. ;)

  • Regarding the finale, did anyone else notice that the Brujo face shown at the end of the teaser clip is not Jesus' usual green and white? It's purple and red. I don't know if this means that Jesus' grandfather comes from Mexico to help, or if Jesus falls to dark magic, but it's definitely different.

  • So far, I've been 100% right on the deaths I predicted (Tommy; Marcus), and on the people returning. Big spoiler for the season finale: Adele Stackhouse, aka Gran, is in the cast list on IMDB, and I totally called that a while back. Only three of my speculations remain in question. I'm betting that Debbie dies, that Steve Newlin returns (though Michael McMillian isn't listed in the IMDB credits at this point), and that something bad happens to Jesus. I'm not sure if he'll die, but I know that Kevin Alejandro is in the running for the lead on Law & Order: SVU, so it's possible that the writers might leave things open, and then write Jesus out if Kevin gets the part. I don't know that: the episode might have been written and filmed well before that audition took place, so it's strictly theoretical.

  • More on the teaser ... the woman dressed like Red Riding Hood appears to be a blonde heading toward what I think is Jason's residence. Sookie? A Red Riding Hood outfit doesn't seem like it would be Crystal Norris' style. I don't think it's Debbie ... though, actually, now that I think about it, it would be sort of awesome to flip the classic fairy tale on its head by having a werewolf dressed up as Red Riding Hood. :) Nevertheless, I can't think of a reason for that character to be going to Jason's place, and the blonde hair seen in the trailer looks lighter than Debbie's shade. We didn't see Sookie in a Halloween costume, and would she even dress up for such, given how surrounded she is by supernatural things? I thought it was interesting that Holly appeared to be in fairy attire Sookie just can't get away from fairies). :)

  • In the trailer, Nan says that an order has been issued for Bill and Eric's heads. Who issued the order, and why?

Yeah, I'm mostly back with True Blood now. It's my guilty viewing pleasure, but so be it. There are worse vices to have. ;)

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