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Doctor Who S6, E8: "Let's Kill Hitler"

We watched Doctor Who tonight. I'll try to post without spoilers, but leaving a certain character in the cupboard was just sloppy writing. And, yes, I get that leaving that character in the closet was probably a semi-subtle jab, especially combined with another character's remark about attending a gay gypsy bar mitzvah.

I think my husband is almost to the point that he wants a TARDIS of his own to go back and mess with the timeline so that Moffat does Sherlock instead of Doctor Who.

Let me see ... let me see ... trying to come up with something positive so I don't get categorized as a hater ... wait, let me put this behind a cut for spoilers.

I love Alex Kingston as Melody/River Song and would enjoy seeing a season with her and the Doctor having adventures. I'd be fine with Rory along for that season, too.

Another positive: Matt Smith looked great in white tie and tails. I don't find him attractive, but he did wear that outfit comfortably.

I didn't like the extremely misleading title, though: that was definitely false advertising. It made that aspect of the episode very gimmicky, in my opinion.

I wonder if whatever the Doctor whispered to Melody in this episode has to do with what River Song whispered to him the first time we met her in the "Silence in the Library" episode from S4? I also liked the moment with the Doctor giving Melody the diary. That was a nice touch. I'd even give credit to the idea that they seem to have most of River's timeline/concept mapped out. However, they appear to be having trouble wrapping the rest of the story around her timeline, and that's where the writing seems to be faltering.


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Aug. 29th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
That bit also annoyed me. They just *left* him there? :P

I feel the same way you did about the title. I expected a different focus to the episode.

I do wonder how much planning they did for River.. given that she appeared before Amy and Rory ever even showed up.... it's kinda nice.

It felt out of place to see the previous companions though ...
Aug. 31st, 2011 03:40 am (UTC)
Yes! You raise a good point about the previous companions. I mean, really, if anything, one would think it would start with the most recent companion image, rather than the earliest.
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