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Buffy post: there is no doubt that . . .

. . . Joss is a cruel bastard.

*meeping over tonight's episode of Buffy*

And yes, we know he will do painful things to much-loved characters (particularly those close to Willow, it seems), but I was still a little taken aback. Somehow, the death of a major character would have shocked me less than that.

However, I'm troubled. Certain aspects of this season feel very forced. I have always read that when some characters start praising other characters (often -- from time to time, it's appropriate contextually), it's weak writing, because the writer can't write to show the character's strengths and weaknesses. I am trying to rationalize it by figuring that some of it is explanation and clarification for the viewers who weren't around during 3rd season and who don't have much touch with who Faith is. And, much as I love Eliza in the role, hon, it's not that hard to fake smoking. Do exhale a little smoke. Draw it into your mouth, not your lungs, exhale and diffuse with a little air from behind. Looks like real. Otherwise, I think she got her groove back with this ep. She didn't seem fully into it, in my opinion, with her Angel appearances.

*mutters about the whole trumped-up addiction storyline to explain why we're not throwing Willow at this thing*

Illogical: stay home, because I know if things go bad, you can protect them. Um, Buff? If Will has to pull out the magic hat in a crisis, she's a sight better to send in than you. What, is she your big nuke that you're saving for the end battle? Shades of Bablyon 5. Then again, it's not the first time I've seen some parallels between Lyta and Willow. And no, it's not just the red hair. :þ

"Something's happened to your abilities. You're not a P5 anymore. Hell, you're not even a P12. You're the strongest telepath that I've ever seen. What did the Vorlons do to you, Lyta? Who .. what are you?"

"I've only recently begun to understand it myself. You know the Vorlons used telepaths as weapons during the Shadow War, but what no one stopped to consider was that in a war, you have a certain number of small weapons, a certain number of medium-sized weapons .. and one or two big ones .. the kind of weapons you drop when you're .. out of the small weapons and the medium weapons and you've got nothing left to use."

"Someone like that would .. be the telepathic equivalent of a thermonuclear .. device, a .. a doomsday weapon."

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Garibaldi."

-- Garibaldi and Lyta in Babylon 5: "The Wheel of Fire"

Willow's the nuke. But if Willow's the nuke, doesn't that kind of fizzle Buffy's fire?


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Apr. 15th, 2003 09:48 pm (UTC)
Really. Shades of Zander as a pirate from an early halloween episode. Foreshadowing or conincidence? Hmmmmm.

The lack of logic with Willow doesn't particularly bother me, it's the lack of logic in the show as a whole that starts to wear on me. I basically think any character in any given episode is as capable as they feel like making them that week and the continuity be damned. I've had a hard time with that Unfortunatly.

The effects as Caleb opened his can of woop ass were pretty cool, but honestly the fight itself (except for the every end) wasn't very special to me. Insert Adam, Glory, or Uber-Vamp and you basically have the same fight. Overdone. The actor playing Caleb though (he played the captain on Firefly btw) did a good job of making it interesting though. (Firefly.. why ... why... there are no gods!)

Anyway, interesting indeed. Geek TV seems to be in serious jepordy though as Angel is apparently "on the bubble", Buffy is going away, no Firefly, no Birds of Prey (which I didn't like anyway). After this season it could be that Smallville would be the only geek pleasure on the airwaves. I blame Donald Rumsfeld and his cronies for this!! oh, sorry... habit.
Apr. 15th, 2003 10:31 pm (UTC)
1.) Foreshadowing. I think the ending season has been planned for a while, was just a question of when. Speaking of foreshadowing, some Buffy fans have been really going after the symbolism/foreshadowing on it -- Xander masturbating at the beginning of the ep (I missed the very beginning), discussion of Norse mythos in losing an eye to gain wisdom, the aforementioned pirate bit, the idea that Xander will play a big part in Caleb's downfall with an "eye for an eye," and all sorts of speculation. Some theorize that it will get magicked back (Willow's magic remains awfully convenient). :/

2.) Villains -- I haven't been really happy with one since we lost the Mayor. My fave Big Bad ever. Though I was also liking Professor Walsh before they offed her. I thought she was far more interesting than her creation. Caleb (Nathan Fillion) - the actor is doing a very good job with a cardboard part, IMHO.

3.) Firefly. I'm right there with you; very sorry to see it go.

4.) No offense to anyone reading this, but if Smallville is all we're left with . . . all I can say is thank goodness for DVD. I'm sorry, to each his or her own, but that is just not my show. It's like Dawson's Creek meets Superman, and not in a good way. A good way, to my mind, would be Superman going and beating the tar out of the Dawson's Creek cast and producers! *eyes brighten at the thought* :)

Apr. 16th, 2003 07:33 am (UTC)
Speaking of B5, I was thinking an awful lot of Gkar, and how happy I was that they CLOSED THE DOOR instead of showing us the act. I love Buffy, but I fully believe that it is NOT an 8pm show. Maybe it's just cause I'm a parent now, but I really don't think they should be showing gore like that early in the evening.

But I digress.

I thought the big nuke that was never used in B5 was the Great Machine? Lyta was too (rightly so) pissed off by the time she got really strong to ever be of major use to the Alliance.

Willow is still iffy on her powers. Last time she did a big mighty thing was when Anya slaughtered the fraternity house, and Willow got black-eyed *and really mean* for a moment. I know she's gone black-eyes since, but she hasn't done the mean thing. I think they're still worried she's going to go all veiny and bad if she shows too much power. Also, if she shows her nuke-y ability, then that *would* fizzle Buffy's fire, which is why they don't do it that often.

And I think Xander's Buffy is Cool speech was foreshadowing for him. "Buffy's mighty, she cares about us, I've been at this a very long time, we'll be fine, blah blah..." Ha! Fooled you Xander! Now you're a pirate! Arrr! (Oh, my humble opinion about the pirate thig is that it's a fluke. They didn't plan on taking Buffy past season 5, so they didn't think in the pirate episode "oh, Xander will lose an eye in a couple of years.")

The masturbation thing was a subtle thing, though. I didn't get that. (I more thought that he didn't want to get out of bed with an erection in front of them, not that he needed to, ah, let off some steam before getting up.)
Apr. 16th, 2003 08:35 am (UTC)
Glad you mentioned G'Kar. I don't know why that didn't occur to me in relation to this.

On the gore in prime time -- yes, that's the parent kicking in. :) I wouldn't let my child watch it, were I a parental unit. Though I have a friend who does, and it actually works really well in an odd way: Buffy is a hero to him. Whenever he worried about monsters at night, they can reassure him with the fact that "Buffy always gets the monsters." It works -- I've seen 'em do it. Is there a "Raising Your Kid Geek" book out there? *chuckles*

With Will, well, I know *why* they don't do it. What ticks me off is that I feel the writers really should have been smarter than to have boxed themselves in the way they have. Again, pardon the gamer in me coming out, but I feel like I'm watching a GM who's goofed by accidentally giving a player character a Sword of World Annihilation or something, and then realized it's too powerful and is backpedaling mightily . . . and it shows. Plenty.

On the Lyta-nuke bit, I wasn't thinking so much of what was or wasn't used (and admittedly I totally need to rewatch the series), just more about that specific conversation I quoted between her and Garibaldi, and how she was so underappreciated before that.

I can't directly comment on the master . . .bator! ;) thing because I didn't see that part of the show. :/

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