pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

I should be outside!

I'm at work. Which is a normal, economically sensible place to be right now. However, the weather outside is beautiful: sunshine, just a little cool breeze . . . I should have a wooden deck or balcony, breathing in the breeze, maybe a cup of tea with me, or going for a little stroll . . . when nice weather strikes in the middle of winter, wouldn't it be nice if people were given the day off? Mmm, crisp air. I like it. And I love my husband more than ever . . . we should be in warm jackets, up in the mountains, heading into evening with a fire alight in the fireplace, and tea, or maybe something a little stronger. ;)

Gonna watch BtVS for the first time tonight in ages --- I haven't been keeping up with it, and will probably be completely confused, but am going to try to get caught up.

Tags: husband, love, weather
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