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The awesomeness of ePub e-readers

We were out and about running a few errands today, and happened to tune in to the Bob Edwards Weekend show on WABE. The host was interviewing Tom Rachman about his debut novel, The Imperfectionists. The author read an excerpt, enough to pique my interest, so, right in the car, I looked it up on my Evo. It turns out that the book has received a decent amount of critical acclaim, and that the digital version was only $5.00.

Just for fun, I launched the Overdrive app on my Evo to check the Atlanta Fulton Public Library's selection. Score! The book is part of their digital collection! It's checked out at the moment, but I've added it to my wish list, and at any time, I can check it out and begin reading it on my Nook in just a few moments.

There are many reasons that I love my e-reader, but that access, that instant gratification, is at the top of the list. No time is wasted. Rather than spending an hour getting to the library, picking up the book you've had the foresight to reserve, and returning home, you can begin reading it immediately at any time of day. Forget library hours. Forget traffic. Download your book and enjoy it.

We live in truly amazing times when one can have an entire library's collection in the palm of one's hand.

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