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From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 07:27:27: @shoot_the_food Hee! I must remember that useful tip, though, as an editor, I'm not sure I have enough to feed all the typos I witness. :)
  • 07:33:53: RT @shoot_the_food: If y'all see an 'h' lost in the snow tonight, just set out some food, it will find its way home in the morning.
  • 09:52:01: RT @Etsy: Happy 1.11.11!
  • 15:49:08: I think I'm going to try connecting Goodreads to Twitter. If the posts become too annoying, I'll remedy the situation.
  • 15:54:08: Come compare books with me on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/iaOHEX
  • 18:00:38: How cute! Thanks for sharing! RT @emeksv: This makes me a bit happier with the world: http://bit.ly/fs9k5g (Han Solo cameos in Firefly)

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Tags: fandoms, firefly, television
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