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Links of interest, tidbits, and AGoT

Just a few things I want to preserve here so I can find them easily later:

Organ Trail (that's not a typo): A funny little web game that combines Oregon Trail with zombies.

Fortune Magazine lists 10 ways Android beats iOS, Windows, and everything else:
  1. Maps and navigation

  2. Notify bar

  3. Widgets

  4. Carrier choice

  5. Hotspot

  6. Screen size selection

  7. Voice actions

  8. Fastest browser

  9. More/Better buttons

  10. Google Voice

I can only assume that the author of the article wasn't aware of the Daylight Saving Time issues that iPhone users have experienced at the time the piece was published. :)

The television show Psych is doing a special Twin Peaks episode featuring several members of the original cast, including Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn. Rumor has it that the episode will be called "Dual Spires," and will air on 12/1/2010, but IMDB is subject to change. I've set a reminder to myself to record it.

I finished My Man Jeeves. This is the first P.G. Wodehouse book I've read, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the material has stood the test of time. There's no real depth to the tales, just light wit and entertainment. The work is in the public domain, so I alternated between reading the e-book and listening to the Librivox recording. I found it to be a good choice as an audiobook, as I could often finish one story a day (half on my morning commute, and the rest in the evening). I've already downloaded another book of Jeeves stories. I might choose something else if they weren't free, but at the price, they're worth my commute time. :)

I also listened to The Adventure of the Priory School, which was a nice, quick tale - a typical Sherlock Holmes story. Actually, Sherlock Holmes seems to be in vogue again, given the recent movie and the television series. I keep hearing good things about the latter.

I'm on page 176 of A Game of Thrones. I've only ever given up on maybe three books in my life because I wasn't enjoying them and saw no hope for improvement (Red Storm Rising is the only one that immediately comes to mind, but there could be others). There are books I've put down because I wasn't in the mood for them at that particular moment, but plan to revisit (Watchmen, for example -- I know that's worth reading), and books for which I just became too busy and need to find time to restart at some point (Water for Elephants is just above me on the shelf), but those are pauses, not outright rejections.

Right now, A Game of Thrones is getting close to being put down for Red Storm Rising reasons, but I'm trying not to give up. I'm someone who gladly reads books for friends, if for no other incentive than the opportunity to discuss them afterward. However, I really dislike Martin's decision to shift between so many characters right out of the gate: to me, the narrative feels very disjointed. It's like pinball: one never knows where the ball will land, and as soon as it does, you're racing off to another bell or whistle. I feel that this structure makes it more difficult for me to connect with the characters and get acquainted with the world.

Edit: I just remembered one other I put down because I thought it was highly unlikely that I'd enjoy it: Lord Foul's Bane. The Thomas Covenant books had been recommended to me by several people, but I totally hated the main character, and the further I read, the worse it got. I also couldn't stop snickering over Lord Kevin. Even so, I may still give it a second try someday for love of my husband.

Speaking of reading for other people, I'll do a lot for my friends. I even read a couple of crappy Harlequin romance novels back in high school because a friend begged me to do so and, hey, we didn't have the intarwebz back then. I'm glad to discover someone who's a reliable referral source: lexmaniac (The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye); mumpish (Lamb); Portia (The Weight of Water). My beloved husband got me into Robert Jordan. Generally, I really enjoy seeing what other people like to read: I find it gives me a little insight about their preferences. My parents' friend, Joanna, recommended The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and while I found it only so-so, it provided me a little information about her, so it was valuable.

Given that so many folks I know have recommended AGoT, I suppose I'll stick with it. Even if the only reward is the post-novel analysis, there's some entertainment in that, at least. :)

For more book discussion, you can find me on Goodreads.

In other news, I'm beginning to prep my grocery list for Thanksgiving. I've already ordered the turkey, which we'll pick up on Sunday, November 21st.


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Nov. 30th, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
I couldn't get past the character of Thomas Covenant either. I think I read about three chapters and put it down. Maybe I'll try again someday because I hear the books are good, but it's way, way down on the mental queue now.

I think you're the first person that I know that's been critical of A Game of Thrones! Everyone else I know that has read that series (maybe 5-6 people?) has LOVED them. My husband has been after me to read those books for years. (I keep telling him I'll read AGoT if he reads East of Eden (my favorite!), but he hasn't taken the bait yet. I guess he doesn't feel it's a fair trade, hehe...)

That's so cool that you're listening to Librivox stuff! I had some good friends that volunteer(ed) there, so I wonder if you've heard any of their readings! I met them back when we were all volunteering over at Distributed Proofreaders, one of the first hobbies that pulled me away from LJ for so long. (Dip into that one carefully, by the way... it is very addictive if you are one of those people that likes to get lost in the library in the sections of very old dusty books.) :)
Feb. 18th, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
That's exactly how I feel about the Covenant books -- that perhaps I'll try them again someday, but they're way down on the list.

Regarding trading East of Eden for A Game of Thrones, given that I'm reading both of them at about the same time, I think your husband is getting the far better deal in that bargain! For what it's worth, my husband wasn't so crazy about the Martin books, either, though, interestingly, for different reasons than mine.

That's really nifty about your friends volunteering for Librivox! Oh, lawsy, you shouldn't have shown me that link ... you know I'm a technical writer for a living, right? Heck, there are e-pub books I've got that I've taken apart in Sigil and put back together before reading because I'm that anal retentive as a reader. Poorly-edited books chafe me greatly.

*mustnotlookhavenotimemustnotlookhavenotimemustnotlook* :)
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