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I picked up something besides my fork at Taste of Atlanta 2010. I had an awesome time - it deserves its own post - but right now, I'm composing this on my phone from my bed because I'm sick. Yesterday, I couldn't have even managed this much.

According to the nurse practitioner I saw, I have a double whammy: a viral infection that's caused a sore throat, nasal and chest congestion, aches, and fever for over 24 hours that reached a high of 102.3, as far as I'm aware.

In addition, I have a bacterial ear infection. Bleh.

The good news is that my fever broke this morning. While I still feel crummy (especially my ears), at least I'm not constantly hot and cold. I've gone through an entire box of tissues in the last 24 hours.

David is, as ever, wonderful. Even though he hasn't been feeling well, either (he got a stomach bug that caused a low-grade fever), he took care of me. It somehow figures that we'd pick up two different illnesses. In the grand equation of the universe, this may somehow relate to why we can never split dessert. :)

In such a situation, I am grateful for small things being right. I am partial to Pepperidge Farm's sourdough when it comes to off-the-shelf bread. Yes, I know about white bread and glycemic indexes and all that, but it was very comforting to have toast made from the kind of bread I prefer when recovering from a sinus infection. Not to be TMI, but given the side effects of one of the medications, my system was in no mood for fiber, anyway. :)

I'd really like to stop coughing. That would make me quite happy.

Okay, off to fix some soup, as I need to keep pushing the fluids.

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