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Excellent finale

I finally finished watching the third season of Damages, and I think it might have been as good as the first. I was worried after S2, but the writers absolutely redeemed themselves.

I was especially impressed with Martin Short's performance as Leonard Winstone. I had no idea whatsoever that he had that kind of dramatic talent. I mean, it's not unusual for gifted comedians to perform well in serious roles (Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Murray and Robin Williams, for example), but for whatever reason, I never thought of Martin Short as being in their company. He was as compelling as Glenn Close. I now know why he was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. I haven't seen Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad, so I can't say whether or not he was better, but ... well, Short was astonishingly good in a cast that included some very heavy hitters.

My only problem now is how to watch the fourth and fifth seasons, which will air exclusively on DirecTV's 101 Network.

Next up?

  • Television: Getting back to Doctor Who, which I put down for a bit to try to concentrate on finishing one show at a time.

  • Books: Still forcing my way through working on A Game of Thrones (I'm on page 55, about to start the first "Arya" chapter).

  • Audiobooks: Still listening to My Man Jeeves.

I also need to watch Let the Right One In ASAP because David wants to go see Let Me In, but wants me to see the original prior to viewing the remake. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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