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Things I've done lately

I've been so very busy that I feel like my posting has become rather nonlinear of late. I haven't even blogged about my 11th anniversary yet, which was wonderful. We enjoyed dinner at Craftbar; here are a few photos. My amazingly generous husband gave me one of the best presents ever: a Nook.

Craftbar was lovely and significantly exceeded my expectations, but we'll be extending our anniversary celebration by attending a special wine dinner in the near future. I really do love him more than ever.

Just quick:

I've tried several social media sites that were focused on specific topics (TV, cinema, and books, respectively):
  • Clicker (boring; gave it up)

  • FlickChart (fun for a while, but I found it hard to get my list prioritized accurately)

  • Goodreads I'm sticking with this one ... actually, I'm a bit surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.

I've listened to the following audiobooks:

  • A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman (very witty)

  • FlashForward by Robert J. Sawyer (so much better than the television series)

  • Hearts, Keys, and Puppetry by Neil Gaiman and the Twitterverse

  • My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

Fever Dream by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child was the first book I read on my Nook, and I think it's their most engaging effort in quite some time. That being said, I felt somewhat unsatisfied with the "to be continued" aspects. I enjoyed the premise, but felt like the authors ran out of book before they could reach a better stopping point. Overall, I'd consider it a good effort with inadequate resolution.

I've discovered Pandora after almost everyone else on the planet. Well, okay, I'd known about it for quite a long time, but was reluctant to join because I'm just funny about that gender question when it involves marketing (I don't fit the profile for most female-oriented ads). However, now that I've relented, it's been fun returning to my days as a DJ by creating my own digital mixes and playlists.

My beloved took me out for a movie date last night: we saw Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole. I enjoyed it, but I knew I would, as I'm rather fond of owls. The animation was gorgeous, and we lucked out by having the theater to ourselves.

I continue to make a dent in Doctor Who and Damages here and there (thank goodness for Slingbox). For the former, my next episode is "The Impossible Planet;" for the latter, "All That Crap About Your Family" is next in line. I've set Boardwalk Empire to record, but haven't watched a minute; we haven't yet seen Glee this season, and we're very much behind on Lie to Me and other shows.

I had the first opportunity in a little while to spend some time with my guildies in Warcraft, which felt really good. Circumstances have demanded that I be elsewhere, but I'd definitely missed them.

Disjointed post is disjointed, I know. Some of these items would usually merit their own post, but I've no time for more than a quick summary right now. I'm so tired that I just lack that kind of focus. Going to sleep now.

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