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Lovely get-together

A big success! Yes, the New Year's Day get-together was relaxed, pleasant, and a total success -- had people asking me for recipes and servings to take home . . . everybody brought a little something, and all the little somethings were perfect! Nothing was duplicated, everything filled some necessary element . . . everybody chatted and had a good time, and said it was a good party, that they were glad I kept it small (invited 12; 9 could make it), and so on. Cleanup was pretty easy, and it all just kind of fell together without too much hair being pulled out. :)

Oddly, we ended up talking about LiveJournal a little bit. Oh, surprise, surprise -- mumpish was all curmudgeonly about it. :)

Gotta get to bed now, though -- work tomorrow. :/

Tags: entertaining, food, friends/social, new year's
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