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We got a new microwave!

So, our old microwave was probably one of the first ever made. Seriously, it was nearly 30 years old (I inherited it from my grandmother).

It hadn't died, but we dreamed of new features like digital displays and the absence of faux wood housing. We'll be moving it upstairs for convenient reheating of beverages and such.

Finally, we have a new microwave in Darth Vader black to match most of our other kitchen appliances! Apologies for the lousy cell phone picture and the torso reflection, but glossy new oven is glossy:

New microwave!

Panasonic NN-H965BF

I did a fair amount of research prior to purchasing it, so I hope it will last as long as the previous Panasonic.

Edit, 7:43 pm: I just used it for the first time. I am amused: the digital display read, "Enjoy your meal." Hee! I suppose I should be glad it didn't say "Share and enjoy," else I'd be looking all over the box for a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation emblem. :)

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