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I'm beginning to fear that my likage curse is affecting tech. (The more I like something, the better the chance that it will fail/close/be taken off the menu/etc.)

  • I loved the idea of the Palm Pre. Palm proceeded to fail epically at marketing, and the company was just bought out by HP (though I think that could potentially be a good marriage).

  • I am somewhat interested in the HTC Evo as an alternative, but I tested the Incredible tonight (Verizon's smaller competitor), and had an unpleasant experience with the keyboard. I'm hoping that the larger device will be an improvement, but we'll see. The UI still isn't as nice to use as webOS. HTC also just settled with Microsoft, which will likely result in at least a small increase in price per unit.

Now, this:


I suppose there's a tiny bright side in that we're likely to see a webOS tablet, but I remain exceedingly unhappy with my current options.

Tags: evo, gadgets, technology
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