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Considering the Evo

So, I have to admit that I'm pretty interested in the HTC Evo, which is likely to be released 52 days from now (yes, I counted) on Sprint.

Never before has there been a smartphone this powerful. Indeed, I've seen at least one web site refer to it as a superphone, rather than a smartphone. Go read the specs. I'll wait.

I confess to feeling somewhat disloyal. I was so excited about the Palm Pre, but the timing just hasn't worked out for me on that one. Unless they make a major announcement before June 1st, it's probable that I'll go with the Evo. I'm just simply past the point of waiting.

I have needed a smartphone for quite some time, and my existing LG, which is over four years old at this point, has been glitching for several months now. If it worked perfectly fine, that'd be one thing, but the OK button, arguably the most important key on the device, is having issues. Frequently, it will recognize a single keypress as a double, or even a triple tap, which often causes blank sends when I'm trying to write a text message.

I have the following concerns about the HTC Evo:
  1. Will the device be too large for me to use it comfortably? I have rather small hands. (Scott has suggested the Nexus One as a potential alternative.)

  2. Will the on-screen keyboard be responsive enough for a touch typist? That's one thing that I find extremely appealing about the Pre: it has a real keyboard.

  3. Will the touch screen be adequately responsive? I had difficulty getting a demo model of the HTC Hero to recognize my input. It's my understanding from the rep that assisted us that the screen is partially plastic, which is less sensitive than the special glass used by devices like the Pre and the iPhone. While this may make it less susceptible to cracking, I had to press rather hard to make anything happen. I don't yet know if the Evo's screen material differs from its predecessors.

  4. The OS. WebOS on the Pre is a pleasure to use. Indeed, in my dream world, a phone running webOS with the hardware and features of the Evo is what I'd carry. I know that the Sense UI has received positive press, but will it be enough to override the tinkery aspect of Android?

We'll see. While I don't like to feel like I'm contributing to a rich-get-richer marketplace with Google, it's not much of a step away from the Pre in that regard, as the latter is very dependent on Google's "cloud" as well.

Regardless, I need to buy something to replace my existing phone, and soon. I don't think it will die (knock wood) before June, but it's enough of a worry that I need to commit to a purchase of some sort sooner rather than later. Additionally, David has been pretty patient with the various reasons that have delayed purchase, so I don't want to hold him up any longer than is absolutely necessary.

In short, June's the target.

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