pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

We are not our containers

I joined Ebert's club, and while I did it primarily to show support for a gifted writer whose work I've admired for years (I was the movie critic for my high school paper), I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dialogue in the comments. I'm glad I did it, and the grace and strength that he and his wife are exhibiting through this -- to continue to be active and productive, to continue to engage and interact ... frankly, I find it both courageous and moving.

He really seems to know what he has, and is grateful for it. He's got to know that he's probably the most well-loved critic on earth. How many people can say that?

If you ever need a reminder that we are not our shells, look at Roger Ebert. Many other people in his situation would probably have withdrawn from society. I'm sure he's watched many inspiring movies about overcoming adversity and the triumph of the human spirit ... apparently, the message took.

Tags: authors, celebrities, movies
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